New faces lead Restorative program

Silk Boyd, Staff Reporter

New staff members Karen Rice and Christy Hodak, are now in charge of the revamped Restorative program here at RHS.

Rice has been working in the Roseville district for 12 years.  She started off as a substitute teacher in Roseville Elementary Schools, and transferred to Eastland Middle School. She worked there for six years, and then transferred to RHS and now is now leading the restorative program.

Hodak, on the other hand, has been working in the school district for two years. She recently transferred from Eastland Middle School as well.

The Responsibility Room,  with Hodak, is designed to help students understand what they did when being sent out of the classroom after interfering with the learning environment.

“I’m really excited to be here and I just really love being around the high school atmosphere,” Hodak said.

The Restorative Justice room with Rice is to give students an opportunity to learn communication skills and how to repair harm when there is conflict with others.

“I am excited to be here and I just really love working with this age group of students,” Rice said.

Silk Boyd