RHS welcomes new staff members


Roqaiah Odeh

Drama teacher, Andrew Lafata.

Roqaiah Odeh, Copy Chief

Andrew Lafata is also a new teacher at our school. He used to teach at Dickson Elementary School and came here to teach drama with his degree from Eastern Michigan University. He found that drama is what he found most interesting there during his college years. In his past jobs, he was always with students as a football coach and teacher at another school. Lafata came also because of all the great opportunities and the great things he heard.

“The school has a positive vibe that feels contagious and there are helpful staff everywhere and inspiring students,” Lafata said.

His hopes for this year are to have a great school year and be involved with the Roseville community. This is his third year teaching and he plans to be here until the opportunity is no longer available. He loves his students and tries to keep them engaged and make sure they are having fun. He does so by having brain teasing riddles everyday for his students.