What to wear for Halloween?


Caitlin Michael

Carter Otto

Makyia Whitaker, Staff Reporter

Halloween is right around the corner, and costume ideas are booming. Do you enjoy dressing up for Halloween?  Every year it is always a big excitement to see the crazy costumes people put together. Halloween costumes are a way of showing your own personal creative style, and everyone should be encouraged to embrace their wonderful costume


Officer Thomas Guswiler he says he is not very worried about Halloween costumes. Guswiler just wants to see students faces, everything else is up to students to have fun with. Some are excited about dressing up for Halloween, and others were very opinionated on why they were not thrilled about this upcoming holiday and its festivities.

“I think Halloween should be all about fun, I think kids are already growing up too fast and should just slow down to have a little fun,” French teacher Amy Bourgeois said.

Some ideas that were in mind was cartoons, workers, subjects, and anything with details that show your own personal style.

Staff and students hope for Halloween costumes to become more of a cool thing for everyone to be apart of. In these next couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see what students put together and bring to school on the days leading up to Tuesday, Oct. 31.