Staff, students dress in their best spirit wear


Madison White

Sophomores gather their best blue outfits for spirit week.

Madison White, Copy Editor

Homecoming is finally here and RHS is showing its best school spirit. For spirit week, Student Assembly members decided on the classic theme, ‘Wizard of Oz’.

The themed days for this year’s spirit week were thrilling. Starting off with Monday, “Find Your Brain Day,” had come to life with students dressing as the career they want to pursue, or even just one that they can do. The most popular worn career was doctors and nurses, where students wore scrubs. On Tuesday, the theme was “Emerald City” where students had to dress as if they were living in Emerald City with designated class colors. Freshmen wore black, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore green, and seniors wore gold. For Wednesday, students dressed up for “Which Witch is Which,” to look the same as their peers in pairs or groups with matching outfits. Thursday was “Oz the Great and Powerful,” where students transformed into their favorite superheroes or villains in the halls. Finally on Friday, spirit week was ended with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” where tie dye or rainbow colors were worn head to toe. Some students even wore rainbow masks.

“I like that spirit week gets everyone involved in the school, and makes students want to actually come to school,” junior and Student Assembly leader Natalie Terry-Martin said.

Some students were hesitant to participate in spirit week because they thought the days were hard to accomplish. Thankfully, Student Assembly takes many steps to organize spirit week, and tries to make it enjoyable for everyone. Junior and Student Assembly leader Makayla Sumrall said that they came up with days that made it easy to participate, created signs to show the designated days, promoted the themes for each day, and also made sure B.R.I.C.K. announced it to try to get everyone to know about it.

“I would say, you’re only in high school for four years! Make it as fun as you can while it lasts,” senior and Student Assembly leader Miranda Rumfelt said.

Jayla Sudduth
Juniors and senior, Noah Daudlin, wear tie dye from head-to-toe.