Varsity football wins homecoming game to lead MAC blue


Akeel Ahmed, Sports Editor

       So many students at RHS had a blast over the weekend, but the varsity football team had their own exhilarating time hours before anyone was dressed. Many of the players who took the field are seniors such as Brenner Norman, Austin Behnke, and Sam Clark. They knew that this would be their last homecoming game for many high school teams. This may make them shake at the knees, but not for our Roseville Panthers.

       The Panthers took the field looking aggressive as always. People began to fill the stands as the game inched closer. Many of the football players had a lot to prove on the field that night. The seniors believed that the game was very satisfactory, with the final score, 24-14.

       RHS started off this game with the ball, and would slowly move the chains down the field. After a turnover on downs, the stellar Panther defense took the field. Cousino gained the ball at their own 20-yard line, and ran the ball out to the 30-yard line.

       Roseville defense showed their dominance on the field with allowing less than 200 offense yards for the opposing team. Panther defense also kept the Patriots on their heels for most of the night with two defensive touchdowns, and one being scored by Norman with the rival being deep in their own territory. Behnke used his legs for more than just kicking. During the game, he scooped up a fumble behind the opponent’s line of scrimmage. Before the Patriots ever had time to think, Behnke was already crossing that white line to add another six points to the Panthers lead.

The next football game will be at home on Friday, Oct. 13, against Grosse Pointe North (GPN) who are 4-1 in the division. This game will determine the Panthers chances in the playoffs. They will be playing for first place in the MAC Blue division. If they lose, they will tie with GPN and share first place. If they take first in the MAC, it will be the second time in RHS history that the football team has taken first in their MAC. The last time RHS took first place was in 1994. Along with first place, the Panthers also have playoffs on the line with a record of  five wins and two losses.

“Were MAC blue champs baby!” coach Mike Mahar said after winning the game on Saturday.