Spirit Week Day 4: Superhero vs. Villain


Akeel Ahmed, Staff Reporter

This week, students are showing phenomenal school spirit from everyone finding their brain on Monday, then continuing down the yellow brick road to come across Emerald City. We had to tell which “witch is which” on Wednesday, and today we fight evil in the city of Roseville.  People looked amazing, dressing up as classics like Superman and Wonderwoman. Others a little scarier with Freddy Krueger, and some took it to a whole new level dressing as Nemo and Darla from ‘Finding Nemo’.

“It is cool and I really like it, because it is fun to dress up,” senior Chris Jackson said.

Last, but not least, tomorrow after all the dust has settled and all the villains have been exhausted, we will see what excitements are over the rainbow!

Akeel Ahmed