Spirit week day 3: Which Witch is Which

Tyra Hill, Copy Editor

                    It is the third day of spirit week and Roseville students could not help but take part in the event to show their spirit and pride for the school. Today’s theme was twin/multiplicity day, when students dressed up in pairs and groups. Some students went simple with matching Roseville shirts, and others took it a step forward with twinning television shows and book characters. The irony was real when two biological twins dressed up together. The junior class went all out, with matching red bandanas, white t-shirts, black pants and black shoes.

“All of us matching and coming together to beat the seniors in spirit week really brought the junior class together and it was also really fun,” junior Ashley Jaworski said.

                    Let us see what the students come up with tomorrow for superhero vs. villain day!

Tyra Hill
Seniors Alissa Monczki and Jenna Haney twin with sunglasses, and white shirts.