Panthers take care of business on the road

Akeel Ahmed, Staff Reporter

On Friday, Sept. 29, the Roseville Panthers took the road to face the L’anse Creuse Lancers in a game that was won through hardships, brotherhood, and bondage with a score of 37-14.
    The Roseville team, led by quarterback Dahmon Riley, had much to show on and off the field. The team came out well-gathered prepared.
      Senior Levonte Harris carried the ball for a staggering 127 yards. Within those yards, Harris took it to the house, not one, not two, but three times. Also showing a lot of athletic ability on the field,  Riley runs in for multiple touchdowns racking up 116 total yards. As most Roseville kids know, the Panthers love to wear out their opposing team by running the ball. In this game, coach Mike Mahar had something in mind for senior Damon Frank. Riley will pass the football to Frank, who will run it into the end zone acquiring 33 yards before breaking the plane.

“The only thing I thought was, I can’t drop it because this is wide open,”  Frank said when asked what went through his head when he saw ball in the air.
       Many say defense wins championships, but this Panthers defense is just focused on winning games as they have been with their 4-2 record. Senior Zane Alexander kept the Lancers out of his zone for most of the night, getting himself two interceptions. Jacoby Dale also wanted a part of this action, getting himself an interception as well.
      In the end, both teams walked off the field with a lot of experience gained, and many lessons learned.