Spirit week day 2: Emerald City


Emily Soehren, Business Manager

Going into the the second day of spirit week, we have Emerald City day. All classes were assigned a color to wear. The color actually corresponds with the float that they made for the homecoming parade. Freshmen wore all black because their float is the haunted forest. Next, since sophomores made Dorothy’s dress, they had to wear all blue. Then, we had juniors who had to wear all green to represent the Emerald City float they constructed. Finally, seniors wore all  gold attire just because they chose that color. In addition, teachers can be seen around the building wearing red.

Students went all out. Whether it was face paint, dressed head to toe in their color, or wearing tutus. There was a lot of school spirit shown today. Everyone wants their grade to win the spirit week competition.

“I loved how we got to dress in green. Green is my favorite color, so it wasn’t hard to find clothes to wear,” junior Madelyn Coles said.

Get ready for tomorrow’s spirit day “Which witch is which?” Keep participating and show your school spirit!