Panthers shut out Sterling Heights

Jacob Mohn, Sports Editor

The beginning of the school year has been flying by, and this year all the talk is about the varsity football team.  With a record of three wins and one loss, the team is off to an amazing season.

This past Friday, Sept. 15, the varsity football team took on the Sterling Heights Stallions, whose record was soon to be zero wins and four losses.  Once this match up got underway, the Panthers took little time to get the ball moving.  Early on in the first quarter, senior Quarterback Dhamon Riley was the first Panther to put points on the board. Riley had ran in back to back touchdowns and each touchdown was scored. Senior Kicker Austin Behnke got his chance to get his foot on the ball, with the score soon changing to be 14-0.  After, the Panthers defense forced the Stallions to punt on fourth down. Senior Jacoby Dale got an opportunity to run out on a pass route.  In doing so, he caught the ball and ran it all the way in for a third touchdown. In the second quarter, senior Fullback Levonte Harris turned up the intensity and achieved the fourth touchdown in for the unstoppable Panthers.  At halftime, the score became 35-0.  People were looking at the offense for all the big points and plays.  The defense did an amazing job at holding the Stallions to zero scored points.

After a ten minute halftime break, Roseville fans started to see some back up players stretch out and take the field.  With five unanswered scores, head coach Mike Mahar did what any respectable coach would do; which would be to put the back ups in.  By the end of the night, the Panthers had raked the score up to 52-0.  The first home game was a great success.  The student section had a neon theme and cheered their school on the whole game. The dance team had a great performance; followed up by the band.  The football team was not the only team to win that night.  The Roseville cheer leading team had won the extension contest against the opposing cheer team.  What a great way to play a home opener.

The next varsity football game will be played Friday Sept. 22, at 7 p.m.  This game will be played at home against Utica Henry Ford the second.