LINK Crew kicks off school year with freshmen tailgate party


Maryam Khalil, Section Editor

      The newly formed LINK Crew threw a tailgate party right before the first home football game of the season, Friday, Sept. 15. The event was organized by the link leaders/teachers, Mike Zimmer and Bethany Allen, along with student LINK leaders.  The purpose was to get freshmen excited for the game and help show school spirit and feel more comfortable.  The event included fun games, snacks and music and gave the freshmen a chance to hang out with their friends and LINK leaders for a while and just have fun.

      “It was a great experience not only for the freshmen, but for the upperclassmen as well. It’s not everyday you see such happy atmosphere and be a part of something great,” senior LINK leader Valencia Martin said.

      This event gave a chance to the LINK leaders to get to know the freshmen outside the school schedule a little better. Since its Roseville’s first LINK crew program, there are some things that will be improved; Zimmer has a vision about this program and sees it going much further. He really wants the program to be student-driven and he is hoping that any setback we may have will only help us improve. To expand LINK crew, Zimmer and Allen are planning on some big things in the future.

      “I am looking forward to the spirit bus that we will have for the LINK crew and the 9th graders for the last away game for the season,” Allen said.