Girls varsity soccer team wins the 2017 MAC Silver girls soccer league

Jacob Mohn, Staff Reporter

Jacob Mohn
The soccer team looks forward to wining the district title June 1.

On May 24,the girls varsity soccer team competed against Sterling Heights. The game was dedicated to the seniors for senior night. The game was not just any average girls’ soccer game but, it was the last regular season game of the year and the team had accomplished the win. This win was the game that made all their dreams come true. The game that made the whole community proud. Roseville High School is proud to announce that they are the home to the 2017 MAC Silver girls soccer league champions.

On that note, here are some stats on how the game played out. Early on in the first half the Sterling Heights Stallions had scored two goals. But that was not enough to stop our panthers. Just about half way in, senior Alex Martin scores putting the girls only down by one. With three minutes left in the half, the stallions score but, with one second on the clock, Martin answers that with another goal. She did not even have to use her feet. She used her head and hit an excellent header to score her and the team’s second goal of the night.

“I truly could not have had a better senior night. These girls are my family and each and every one of them played their hearts out. Also, shout out to my coach who coached me for four years. For always pushing us and never giving up on us,” senior Alex Martin said.

Once halftime started, each senior was called out one by one to receive roses from each of their families. They were  honoring  them for all the hard work that they do on and off the field. This year the soccer team will lose seven seniors. The seven hard working dedicated seniors are Alex Martin, Madelyn Kay, Mazzie Castillo, Rachel Orler, Rayeanne Magee, and Arianna Tyson.

Now the second half had begun and junior Megan Lambardo shot the ball into the goal and it hit the pole. But because of the opposing team’s goalie had made an error and let the ball bounce off her, Lambardo scored. That goal tied the game at three. Now most of this team has been playing together for many years. They are very well trained and compete as one unit. Martin has had three goals so, she decides to impress the crowd even more . Martin added a third goal to her list and she really showed last night. As well as Kay, another captain who stopped the stallions for bring the ball into their territory. Lastly two sophomores really played their hearts out. Amber Hook scored  the last goal of the night and goalie, Lauren Orler, made countless incredible stops to keep Sterling Heights from scoring.

Overall, this soccer quad has had a rather successful season. They impressed the whole community and they say Roseville is always sleeping on the soccer team. But with the crowd that showed up last night, no one will sleep on them anymore. This year, the team ended their season with a record of thirteen wins and one loss. The total scoring points over the whole season was 39 goals scored. So once again congratulations to the girls on winning the 2017 MAC Silver girls soccer league. Their next game will be districts on June 1 at Lakeshore High School.