Students recognized at RCS board of education meeting

Sarah Allen, Managing Editor

The Board of Education held their annual leadership board meeting last night at RHS in the auditorium at 7 pm. To start off the night, drinks and refreshments were available to students and their families before the meeting started. The meeting that the B.O.E held first, was to decide who the delegate from the school board that would go vote at the MISD (Macomb Intermediate School District).

After this meeting was held and nobody had any objections, the principal, Patrick Adams, took over and started to call up teachers that were the leader/sponsor of clubs or groups. Each teacher would call up the students that had a higher position or showed a leadership quality and they were given an award for it. After every student was called up, the teacher or student would give a little description of the club, say how they felt about the way the club was going, and how well the students work together.

“It felt completely honoring, I love just being myself and leading others in this school and I can get recognized by a school board that cares for its students,” junior Samantha Averitt said.