TV fanatics say goodbye to their favorite shows

Maryam Khalil, Staff Reporter

After the chaotic year 2016, some might think 2017 will be a better year. But, for some, it might not be when their favorite’s shows are ending. That’s right! The Vampire Diaries which airs on CW50 ends after eight seasons, Pretty Little Liars which airs on Freeform (ABC family) ends after seven seasons, Bones which airs on Fox ends after 12 seasons, Teen Wolf which airs on MTV ends after six seasons, and Switched at Birth which also airs on Freeform, ends after five seasons.

The Vampire Diaries is about a girl who falls in love with two vampire brothers and deals with the conflicts as the show goes on. Switched at Birth is about two girls being Switched at Birth at a hospital. When they are in high school, they find out about the truth and get reunited with their real families causing a lot of family drama. Pretty Little Liars is about four teenage girls being terrorized and tortured by “A”.  Teen Wolf is about a teenage boy struggling to go back and forth between being a wolf and a normal human being. Bones is about a special agent from the FBI and a forensic anthropologist from the Jeffersonian working together to solve murders and catch criminals.

All of these shows have had some loyal fans who kept up with these shows regularly, or if they found out about them late, they binge watched them. Those fans are very much upset about these shows ending.

“It made me really upset to hear that it [the vampire diaries] was coming to an end. It has been extremely successful for the last eight years,” junior Erin Coffey said.

The Vampire Diaries ended March 10, Switched at Birth ends on April 11, Teen Wolf’s first part of their last season was on Jan 3, Pretty Little Liars last 10 episodes will air in April, and Bones last episode will air on March 28. Make sure to catch your favorite TV shows on their networks for the last time before they end!