Augmented reality is the next technological breakthrough

Andrew Urbanczyk, Web Managing Editor


Throughout our lives, we have witnessed first hand the constant evolution of technology. Whether it be for entertainment, sustenance, or passion, we have an extreme craving for new information, and to push the boundaries using new technology. Way back then, it was a caveman with fire and a wheel. These days, it is new smartphones that can connect to satellites in space, and headsets that put you into a virtual world. In recent years, technology began leaping extreme bounds with all new smartphones, tablets, drones, and robots. So many amazing things have been developed and discovered that it almost leaves us in a sense of awe. You might be thinking, we have handheld computers and self-driving cars, what could possibly be next? Well, the answer is… augmented reality.

So what is augmented reality? It is a technology that puts a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world,  providing a composite view. This basically means it is going to mix technology and reality, allowing us to use our devices more directly with our everyday lives. Imagine pointing your phone camera down the street and seeing a path to where you aim to go, or a game that lets players do things in the real world to affect the game. Augmented reality will open the door for people to immerse themselves in a virtual world, whether it be getting to work, finding a hard to find restaurant, or even exercising more.

The signs are clear. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, claims that augmented reality will keep Apple on top, aiming to bring the technology to the masses. Many rumors are circulating that the Iphone 8 will include AR features. Microsoft is also developing the Hololens, which will allow users to literally see their apps on any surface, allowing them to watch and listen to whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. Analysts believe augmented reality will become a fifty billion dollar industry in five years. Augmented reality has also succeeded before, with the famous picture taking app, Snapchat, and the groundbreaking game Pokemon GO, which many use now.

¨Technology has quickly become a part of my daily life and I’m sure it will only become a bigger part of my daily life¨, senior Seamus Waderlow said.

Our world is adapting very quickly, and it may be exciting and or frightening to think that in ten years, we will be able to sit in self-driving cars as we ask our phones what it was like when people had to actually walk for travel, whilst chatting with a video image of our friends. It may seem insane, but it is reality, augmented reality. This is the next boundary to be pushed, and it undoubtedly will not be the last, are you prepared for the future, Roseville?