Eighth graders are welcomed to RHS

Roqaiah Odeh, Copy Editor

Coming to high school can be confusing and scary, especially when you do not know the place. That is why orientations and visits are important. On Wednesday, April 19, our school hosted an eighth grade welcome night for next year’s incoming freshmen.

The purpose was to give the students an idea of their future school and make it a more comfortable setting. When the families entered the building, they were welcomed by a large group of newly-formed Link Crew and staff members. The night started off with a short meeting explaining high school, including what some are their goals should be. In order to inform the incoming freshmen about their future school, clubs, classes, and sports, designed boards gave brief descriptions of what they are all about. Interested students also had the option to leave contact information.

Many people felt that the orientation was helpful and believed that the eighth graders benefitted from the event.

“It was really fun and I think it helped make this school more welcoming,” junior Bethany Adkins said.