Roseville starts hyping up for this week’s lip dub

Maryam Khalil, Staff Reporter

      Get ready for an exciting day on Friday. The lip dub is a compilation of music you can jam out to with your friends. It is organized by the drama class and yearbook, and will take place tomorrow, Friday, March 31, before spring break. It will be filmed by RHS 2016 graduate Johnny Mitchell, during 5th and 6th hour with the extension of “travelling days” for certain clubs or groups, which are yet to be determined. The lip dub will have cool activities, such as the mannequin challenge, done by the student assembly and marching band marching in the gym.

     First, students were supposed to get their colored wristbands from either a drama or yearbook student which were sorted out according to 5th hour teachers. This is how students were to find out which assigned area they are suppose to go to. The club, group, or place students circled on the survey a few days ago in their fifth hour was to let them know and every one else know where they will be There are three colors:

                                             Yellow: clubs or teams

                                                 Green: gym

                                            Red: auditorium

    Over the P.A. an announcement will be made to call down each band color at a time, and students will go down to their assigned area according to their wristbands.  If they are part of certain clubs and have shirts representing them, they can wear them or bring it to school with them to later put them on during filming. Show your Roseville spirit and have a blast with your friends.