RHS hosts 2017 talent show


Caitlin Michael

The program for the talent show.

Caitlin Michael, Staff Reporter

Thursday, March 23 was the 2017 talent show. Hosted by seniors Alex Martin, Rickey Shackelford, and Brianna LeBlanc, this RHS variety show featuring student acts has been held every year for over the past decade.  In total, there were ten acts.

The first act featured sophomore, Isaiah Rutherford singing “All Of Me” by John Legend while playing the piano.

Next up was “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana sung by junior Samantha Averitt.

Then, showing off his guitar skills by playing “I Love Rock & Roll,” sophomore Alex Fauth played along on his bass.

After Fauth, was a beautiful choreographed lyrical dance “Body Love” by Mary Lambert done by junior Madisyn Boussie.

Then came “Listen” by Beyonce performed by sophomores Sharon Smith and Ahliah Martin.

After the ten minute intermission, “Shadow Of The Day” by Linkin Park was performed by senior Cody Styber on the piano.

Senior Brianna LeBlanc was up next performing her original poem called “Color Coded Phones.”

Next, we took a blast to the past by listening to “One Last Time” from the musical Hamilton, sung by sophomore Kaelyn Kowalski and Averitt.

After returning to the modern days, “Feeling Better” was performed on the marimba by junior Derrick Vanway.

Last but not least, done to the song “Kickstart My Heart,” Kowalski returned to the stage to perform martial arts with a sword and a bo staff. She also punched and kicked through three boards at a time.

Although the audience turnout was not as what was hoped for, the acts still put on their best performances and their best smiling faces to impress attendees.