Terrorists target London Parliament

Karli Obriecht, Section Editor

Four people were killed and another 40 were injured in the tragic event that struck the streets of London on March 22, 2017. Among the dead are the attacker, police officer, an American citizen, and a female Spanish teacher. The attackers name was verified by police as 52 year old, British man Kahlid Masood. Masood has a record for previous attacks of violence. According to CNN, ISIS has claimed the attack as their doing and called the assailant a “soldier of the Islamic State.” Eight other people were arrested for being related to the attack. One of the other attackers name was recently released to the public as Adrian Ajao.

Masood began the attack by driving a car over Westminster Bridge running over multiple people along the way. The car then collided with the gates surrounding Parliament. Masood exited the vehicle holding a knife in his hand. Police officer, Keith Palmer, a 15 year old veteran, tried to stop Masood from crossing the gate but received a fatal stab. Police later shot Masood and was reported dead on scene.

British police are labeling the event as a terrorist attack. England has not had an attack of this magnitude since the bombing 12 years ago that resulted in many deaths and injuries.

Prime Minister Theresa May visited hospitals thanking staff for helping and working so hard and brought support to those who were suffered lose and were harmed in the event. The investigation is still ongoing and political leaders are promoting confidence and motivation towards the residents of England.