Symphonic choir earns a one at festival


Jasmine Zarves

Symphonic choir proudly holding up a one for their achievement earning a one.

Jasmine Zarves, Staff Reporter


        On Wednesday night, March 15, RHS symphonic choir ecstatically left the doors of Stoney Creek High school, earning a one at MSVMA choral festival. Singing their two pieces The King of Love by Henry W. Baker and Erev Shel Shoshanim by Yosef  Hadar. Symphonic choir has earned straight ones this year with all of their performances, recently, earning straight ones at Chippewa Valley High school for solo and ensemble festival. The difference between both festivals is that choral festival is the symphonic choir as a whole. Solo and ensemble festivals categories are chanson which is the women’s group, cantando which is the men’s group, and soloists. At solo and ensemble festival, the groups are judged on taking turns singing there two pieces they have practiced. At choral festival, they are judged on their two pieces sung as a whole, as well as their sight reading. They are now on their way to states for solo and ensemble festival along with choral festival. Most importantly they would not of been able to accomplish their huge reward if it was not for the help of choir teacher Tina Collins and accompanist Debra Churchill.

   “I’m very pleased with the effort symphonic choir has shown since September, we began working with sight reading which had challenges, we worked on the pieces of music and they turned out beautiful. I was very thrilled to get the comments that we did from the judges and I’m very proud of my kids,” Collins said.

“Very proud of everyone, it was an emotional rollercoaster,” senior Antonio Rivers said.

“Really scared of the sight reading at first but when I heard we got a one I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness,” junior Sam Averitt said.