Tips to help you study for final exams


The week of final exams schedule.

Jasmine Zarves and Arnela Lulic

          The third trimester is here. Students can be stressed out and worried about studying and passing the huge tests. Here are  a few tips on how to make final exam pressure a little easier.

  1. Organize your work: Having tons of study reviews everywhere or having tons of  papers from other classes mixed up together can make you very stressed out. Organize your work and start with your hardest class, then move to your easiest. When you are done with all of them, study the class you struggle with the most before you go to bed and when you wake up.
  2. Highlight: Bright colors on work can stand out, making you memorize what you are studying easier. Highlight the most important things or the problems you do not know so you can go back and memorize them.
  3. Instrumental music: Some people can not concentrate when listening to music with words. Not only does this work for me, but according to a study from USC News, people can learn more and concentrate with classical instrumental music.
  4. Use your resources: Not everyone can understand what they are being taught, so use resources such as: youtube, quizlet, studystack, khan academy etc…
  5. Food: Eat a healthy snack such as fruit or Greek yogurt and drink lots of water. It is not only going to make you feel better, but it is going to help you concentrate because all these healthy nutrients will energize you and make you alert.
  6. Take a break:  Studying for too long and doing too much can overwork your brain. Take ten minute breaks to eat something or drink water in between classes.