Super Bowl comeback cements Brady’s legendary status

Joseph Schmidt, Sports Editor

Third quarter, down by 25, if you could put the ball into anyone’s hands, who would it be? As most of America saw Sunday, it should be NFL golden boy, Tom Brady. Four rings already in his pocket, New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady lead the most legendary comeback in NFL history.

The first quarter of the game had both teams tied at zero and both teams trying not to make any mistakes. Good defensive coverage combined with some miscues from both offenses made it look like this would be a close low scoring game. But, then came the second quarter. Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan, began to show why he was recognized as the league’s most valuable player this year. After already having one touchdown ran in by running back, Devonta Freeman, Ryan threw the next touchdown to rookie Austin Hooper to increase their lead to 14-0. The pressure was now on Tom Brady to get something going for his team and bring the Patriots back. However after a quick throw by Brady, cornerback Robert Alford intercepted the ball and took it to the house for an 82 yard touchdown. A field goal by Stephen Gostkowski for the Patriots at the end of the second quarter gave the Falcons a 21-3 lead going into halftime.

Matt Ryan came out throwing the ball in the second half and increased the Falcon lead to 28-3. Down by 25 points, Patriot fans were ready to have Brady retire and look on to next season. No one could imagine a 25 point comeback on a quick, physical Falcon’s defense that has absolutely dominated up until this point. However that’s when Tom Brady flipped the switch. Throwing the ball nearly every play, Brady drove down field and threw touchdown passes to James White and Danny Amendola. White began to take over the game himself and eventually ran in the game tying touchdown after a 91 yard final drive by Brady. After the two point conversion the game was tied at 28 and the first overtime in Super Bowl history was imminent.

Just like the fourth quarter, the Patriots had everything going their way. After they won the coin toss, Brady began the drive at the 25 yard line and drove all the way down to the one yard line. First play at the one yard line the Patriots tried to replicate what Seattle did two years ago and threw the ball. All the hopes and dreams for the patriots were on that ball as it flew through the air towards Martellus Bennett. All Pro defensive end Vic Beasley got his hands on the ball and made the entire Patriots fan base gasp. However the ball fell to the ground harmlessly and the Patriots got another chance. With two touchdowns in the game already, running back James White lined up in the backfield, ran a quick toss and burst into the end zone to end the game.

Tom Brady ended the game with 466 passing yards and a Super Bowl MVP trophy. To many fans the best part of the game was Tom Brady looking into the face of Roger Goodell when taking the trophy, the same face that suspended him for the first four games of the season. Overcoming adversity and never quitting in a game has made Brady the greatest player in NFL history.