The “weight” is over-Rex E. Corless weight room is open


Tyler Atkinson

Rex E. Corless’ family finally see the new weight room.

Joseph Schmidt, Sports Editor

Year after year, Roseville High School tries to send out the best athletes to compete against other top schools in our state. These student-athletes play hard and train even harder in practice. However, in recent years, the condition and interior of our weight room has been slowly deteriorating. Ripped seats, old equipment, chipped dumbbells, and an overall drab, outdated feel lead to less and less students using it to better themselves.

Now, with the help of the Rex E. Corless family, everything has changed. Corless was a presence in our school for 34 years while he taught and coached the football and basketball teams. Now to capture his memory, the weight room has been completely renovated. According to the director behind the entire project, Dennis Borse, over $30,000 was spent on the makeover. The walls were repainted, the machines were reupholstered, and a surround sound system was added to amp up the workouts.

As the quote on the wall says, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”