Reasons why I love Christmas

Jasmine Zarves, Staff Reporter

It is now December which means Christmas is right around the corner. It’s not all about the presents, candy canes, and music. There are so many memories and traditions and reminders each holiday season.


Christmas to me is about the joy of giving to others, spending time with your family, listening to the laughter around the house, and driving around looking at Christmas lights. It is about the smell of cinnamon around the house, baking homemade recipes that have been passed on for years, decorating the tree and building gingerbread houses.


When I think of Christmas I remember all of the amazing memories that come with it. One of my favorite memories as a kid is going to Frankenmuth with my family, looking at all the beautiful lights and feeling the happy celebration that comes along. And sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa and listening to music on Christmas Eve.


Little brothers help with make me love Christmas. I love watching their excitement as Santa nears, decorating the tree together and seeing their faces as they open presents on Christmas morning.


Even if you don’t enjoy Christmas, I think we all have a few beautiful memories or favorites of the holiday season. Enjoy this holiday season and Merry Christmas!