RHS hosts blood drive


Tyler Atkinson

Seniors Safa Shkoukani and Brittany Major pose with their “Make a Difference” stickers after they donated blood.

Tyler Atkinson, Copy Chief

The American Red Cross traveled to RHS on Tuesday, Dec. 13 for a blood drive sponsored by Student Assembly. Students, over the age of 17, signed up last week to donate blood. Brave students had to go through a questionnaire, finger pricking, and needles in order to donate blood. These students did not just do it to get out of class though; they were trying to save lives.

“I felt that since I volunteer at a hospital and see patients every day that I needed to do a little more to give back. Donating blood sounded like a great idea to do that,” senior Safa Shkoukani said.

A whole troop of nurses were here at RHS to help those donating blood. These nurses were the ones conducting the questionnaires, drawing blood samples for tests, and finally, drawing blood for donation. Student Assembly also aided in the process. Student Assembly representatives checked the students in and guided them to a safe area after donation which supplied food and drinks. It is important that the donors are watched afterwards in case they start to feel dizzy or pass out. It was the Student Assembly representatives’ job to watch donors after and ensure that they ate and drank fluids. Overall, the blood drive was a success this year. 29 units of blood were donated which can help save up to 87 patients. Student Assembly expects two more drives to be held before the end of the school year.