Everyone looks forward to fun winter activities


Jacob Mohn

The lights at partridge creek.

Jacob Mohn, Staff Reporter


It is that time of year again, winter is here. One thing that comes to mind when thinking about winter is Christmas. Everyone loves to wake up on Christmas morning and rush to the Christmas tree to open their presents. This winter there is a lot going on, so much to see, so much to do.

Christmas time always brings friends and family together. That being said, here are some fun ideas on what to do this winter. Tree lightings, or even just going to look at lights, are good ways for you and your family to get out and have a good time.  Many cities host annual lightings and it would be a fun idea to check at least one of them out.   The Detroit Zoo has an annual lighting every weekend, adding something new each week.  Tickets are $10 dollar in advance and $13 at the gate, the lights will run from 5:30pm to 9pm.

“The whole park was decorated with lights and it was worth the money to go there,” junior Kali Gates said.

Partridge Creek has an outdoor mall plaza that is decorated with thousands of bright Christmas lights.  Going there and seeing the tree lighting would be a good plan, and, if you wanted to have some fun while you are there, you could shop for Christmas presents.  The shops in downtown Rochester are covered from top to bottom in Christmas lights.  While there, maybe stop in and enjoy one of their two coffee shops, Bean and Leaf Café and Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters.

Many find decorating the Christmas tree a good way to bond with family.  Remembering all the ornaments from the past always brings out good memories.  Many families even put the tree topper on together as a family tradition.

Ice skating is another great way to get in the holiday spirit.  There are many places to ice skate.  In Detroit, there is an outdoor ice rink, The Rink at Campus Martius.  If you like the ice rink maybe you would like to go see the professional hockey team. The Detroit Red Wings are about a mile away from The Rink at Campus Martius.

The most important part about this time of year is spending time with friends and family.  Seeing family members you hardly get to see on a regular basis, sharing a few laughs, and just enjoying you over the next few months. Get out and enjoy this winter Roseville.