NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

Alex Gonzalez, Sports Editor

Dallas cowboys 11-1
Dallas holds the best record in the NFL and for good reason too. Credit Jerry Jones for taking the phrase “football is won in the trenches,” and proving it. They boast what is most likely a top 5 offensive line personnel of all time, the NFL’s leading rusher, and a poised rookie throwing dimes. Dallas has been reminiscent of their “triplets” era and have some possible Superbowls in their future.

Oakland Raiders 10-2
Oakland’s offense has been on fire on their current 6 game win streak. Their young offensive nucleus has scored 193 points in that span. In fact, their offense has scored 27+ points in 10 out of 12 of their games. Defense might win championships, but their offense definitely wins games.

New England Patriots 10-2
The Patriots would’ve been higher on the list if they had Gronk. Although typically losing the best tight end in football would be a major hit to a team, I don’t see it affecting them too much. Bill Belichick has found ways to win with absolutely depleted rosters in the past so I see him finding ways to do it again. Lets not forget, they did score 27 points in week 3 with his third string quarterback and only 103 passing yards.

Seattle Seahawks 8-3-1
Seattle and the legion of boom took a major hit with Earl Thomas being ruled out for the season. His presence and play is nearly impossible to match by whoever they put back there, but luckily the other members are still up and healthy. Their defense plus Russell’s seemingly better play near playoff time should keep them afloat and ready to go deep into the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs 9-3
Kansas City might not be the flashiest team in the NFL, but they are easily one of the most consistent. Week in and week out they just knew how to find ways to get that extra play to put them out on top. Much of success has to be credited to their defense, as Eric Berry solidifies their secondary, while opposing quarterbacks get thrown around by a trifecta of pass rushers.

Detroit Lions 8-4
Detroit just played their best game of 2016 against the Saints this week. They not only had 422 yards on offense, but ended Drew Bree’s home touchdown streak of 60 games. Anytime your defense steps up and forced three interceptions on a future First Ballot hall of famer and allows only one touchdown to the top offense in the NFL, your team is heading in the right direction.

Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5
Pittsburgh followed up their four game losing streak by winning their last three. Their offense has evidently refound their run game during that streak as Le’veon Bell has rushed for 100+ yards in each game over that span. With a rebirthed Bell, and Brown and Ben still healthy, the Steelers could be a sleeper team to top the Patriots or Raiders in the AFC.

New York Giants 8-4
Everyone expected the Giants to have an explosive offense and a beatable defense. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, they have had the exact opposite. Their defense has held teams to under 20 points or less in half their games, while their offense ranks 23rd in points for. If their offense lives up to the expected explosiveness at all this season, the Giants could take their momentum into the playoffs, and typically that ends well for them.

Denver Broncos 8-4
Denver won the Superbowl last year mostly in part to their defense. Having an injured Siemian and a rookie quarterback as your options could hurt them, but they did it last year with poor quarterback play. Von Miller is the current sack leader in the NFL, and they have the number 1 pass defense to back him up. As long as their quarterback can limit turnovers they will have a chance in every game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-5
Jameis Winston knows how to do only one thing, and that is to compete. He is a leader with a winning drive that allows him to not only push himself, but push all of his teammates to do better. Jameis claimed he is not a loser four weeks ago, and since then they haven’t lost. The Buccaneers close out the season playing three divisional games and if they win all three, expect the Buccs to make the playoffs for the first time since 2007.