Seniors prepare for mock school board


Mazzie Castillo, Staff Reporter

On the heels of the recent U.S. presidential election, students of RHS participated in their very own race. Only seniors can be nominated for mock school board elections, but every grade votes for the representative. Students are able to run for many things, including: president, vice president, secretary, trustees, and many more positions. These elected students get to represent our school, but also our teachers. Each year, the student elected shadows his/her position’s real representative. The students also get to choose teachers from their educational backgrounds to honor in front of the school board and audience.

This year, only two positions were battled for, president and director of special education. The president title was won by Alex Martin.

“I’m glad to get the opportunity to participate in the mock school board. It’s something I’ve been hoping to take part in since freshman year,” Martin said.

The Director of Special Education, on the other hand, was won by Brittany Major. “I’m so grateful and excited! It’s such a great opportunity in something I’m so passionate about,” Major said.

The mock election is an important, yet fun factor of senior year. The shadowing, and honoring, will take place Dec. 12, at 7 pm.