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RHS reacts to election results

Destiny Stewart, Staff Reporter

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I stopped three of my peers in the hallway and asked about their personal views of the recent presidential election.

Q: Who do you think should’ve won the election and why?

A: Personally I think Hillary Clinton should’ve won, but since the odds weren’t in her favor I can only respect the overall vote results, and hope he does great things for our country. -senior Martise Zorn

Q: What is your reaction to the results from the election?

A: I don’t care for politics, but I’m not as frantic as everyone else because the President doesn’t have as much power as people think he does, he mainly has checks and balances. -junior Brennan Coles

Q: How do you feel about America’s newest president-elect?

A: I feel like the President-elect Donald Trump isn’t the best person to suit the position of running our country, simply because he has no political background. -senior Duane Porties

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  1. Lucinda Vang on November 16th, 2016 11:22 pm

    The response to the second question was well answered.

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RHS reacts to election results