Drama Society hosts Charlotte’s Web at RMS


Sophomore Kaelyn Kowalski gets ready to play the part of Wilbur.

Caitlin Michael, Staff Reporter

From Nov. 3-5, the Drama Society hosted a play at Roseville Middle School called Charlotte’s Web, based off a children’s book that was published by E. B. White in 1952. Sophomore Kaelyn Kowalski played the main character, Wilbur. Wilbur is a runt pig who gets saved by a little girl named Fern. Played by junior Sam Averitt, Fern tries to nurture Wilbur to her full potential so her father, played by sophomore Cody Quiroz, will not kill Wilbur. Kowalski, Averitt, Quiroz, and the rest of the actors, along with crew members, put their full effort into putting out a memorable performance. Junior Aneesha Pledger played the role of the spider, Charlotte. Words such as terrific, radiant, and humble displayed on Charlotte’s web helped the humans realize what a special pig Wilbur really was. Directed by drama teacher Angela Houghton, the young actors and actresses put on their costumes and made the play the best it could be.

“I think the play went beautifully! We definitely gave our A game this time. I am definitely doing the musical this year, and next year!” Kowalski said.