Junior, senior girls battle on powder puff field

Seniors get ready for a play against juniors during powder puff.

Jalissa Long-Jolley and Sarah Allen

Another powder puff game went down in history on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Both the senior and junior girls gave it their all, fighting up to the final seconds when seniors won 38-22. Seniors Autumn Anderson, Maddie Kay and Kaylnn Brockman scored touchdowns, as well as juniors Kiyah Mann and Hope Bonga. Joey Reznich, Tyler Atkinson, Alontae Parker, Joe Schmidt, and Alex Gonzalez were coaches for the seniors.

“We practiced hard. Everyone tried and played their best,” Reznich said.

The junior coaches were Joshua Williamson, Austin Lorentzen, Dionandre Monette, and Justin Frank.

“We played hard, we had fun, and that’s all that matters,” Williamson said.

In the first half, the score was 22-14, with the seniors in the lead. Along with an increase in cold weather and rain, the energy from both the girl players and boy cheerleaders also increased to the end.


“Even through the cold weather, we still pulled it together and took that dub,” senior Brittany Major said.