RHS Celebrates 2016 Homecoming


Joe Schmidt, Sports Editor

After a chilly, activity-filled day on Saturday, Oct. 22, another Roseville High School Homecoming has come and gone. From first thing in the morning when the breakfast started you knew it was going to be a good day. The turnout for pancakes was spectacular, with appearances from most of the homecoming royalty complementing the great food.

The parade was also amazing with good floats all the way around. The junior class avoided disaster after their field goal post fell apart, but two parents jumped up with a roll of duct tape and stuck them back together. Their humongous Spongebob and his pineapple house managed to capture first place and keep their three year winning streak alive.

At the game, the Panthers led the Lakeshore Shorians during all four quarters, winning 29-20, and highlighted by a pick six by senior Josh Butler. The halftime ceremony started with all of the court members taking a slow walk down midfield as their accomplishments and ambitions were announced for the crowd.  Returning royalty, Evan Gates and Shawna Brandt, crowned seniors AnthonyRobart and Alexandra Martin as our 2016 homecoming king and queen.

“I’m still in shock about being queen I feel truly blessed and I will continue to try my hardest to represent the school in a positive way. Also I’m so happy for Anthony Robart! Congrats,” Martin said.

The homecoming dance was more of a tame event than last year, with a mixture of songs that would not have been most people’s first choice. Nevertheless, it was a memorable experience to watch the king and queen walk down the center of the gym, realizing that this was the final homecoming for seniors. Even if the music was not what you anticipated it would be, just being there in that atmosphere with the people that you went through high school is an unreal experience.

“It’s truly awesome to be homecoming king. Congratulations to the homecoming Queen Alex Martin,” Robart said.