Spirit week day 5: Spirit day

Jasmine Zarves, Staff Reporter


       Students and staff all week have been showing off their school spirit in many ways. Starting off with Timmy Turner’s Mayor Monday, Tuesday Blast to the Past Decades Day, Wednesday Jock vs Nerd day, Thursday Pink Out day, and to end the week, we celebrated it with showing off school spirit.

On Monday, students and staff wore their best American outfits such as: American flags, red white and blue beaded necklaces, and red white or blue shorts and shirts.

Tuesday for Timmy Turner’s Blast to the Past Decades day different grades had different decades. Freshmen had 50’s, sophomores had 70’s, juniors had 90’s, and seniors had 80’s. Many freshmen wore Pink Lady and Greasers’ jackets, sophomores wore things such as peace sign earrings and clothing, frayed jackets, and hippie glasses. juniors wore things such as windbreakers, scrunchies, and overalls. Seniors sported leg warmers, high-sided ponytails, lots of neon colors, and all denim.

On Wednesday, jocks wore varsity jackets, jerseys, and snapbacks. Nerds showed off  suspenders, knee high socks, glasses, bowties and knee high socks.

Thursday showed off pink everything, and today, students and staff wore anything black, red, and white.

    Spirit week has been a fun-filled five days with many students and staff showing tons of school spirit, leading up to tomorrow’s homecoming festivities.