Welcome back, RHS!


A senior class is ready and waiting to learn during their final year of high school

Karli Obriecht, Section Editor

Over the past two weeks, teachers have been filling up students’ calendars with big events for the 2016-2017 school year.  For instance, the senior class will be taking a field trip to the Holocaust Museum on Sept. 29. Another big trip coming up is Ted-X, a science seminar, in which, science teacher Bob Smitka is taking ten lucky students to on Oct. 6. The most important event that the entire student body is looking forward to would be homecoming on Oct.22. It’s the most anticipated time of the year because of spirit week, the pep assembly, the football game, and the dance. The theme of this year’s homecoming has yet to be released, but WRHS will be releasing it soon.

All clubs are starting up again and are looking for new members as well. If you find yourself bored after school, sign up for some clubs and do as much as possible with your high school experience. Do not like clubs? Then head out to all the sporting events this year. The Hype Squad is lacking people and needs your help, so step up and cheer on your Roseville Panthers.

Another way to get to know everyone and to see the school is to attend the Open House Sept.20. It’s a good way for new students and parents to see every aspect of RHS. It will go over clubs, academics, ad programs that RHS provides to all students. Everyone will also get to tour the building and feel comfortable attending the school.

In the classroom, students are now encouraged to participate. A new academic standard is set so that all students are required to participate each day in class and will count for 15 percent of their grade. Another program, called 6cess, makes sure that students are coming to school since they can now only have six absences a trimester.

These are just some of the events coming up this year. There will be a lot more for students and facility to participate in. Such as, prom, graduation, senior week, field trips, and school breaks.  There’s so much to do at RHS that you’ll never be bored. Go out, get involved, and show your Panther spirit!