RHS students volunteer as trauma victims

Curtis Mack, Copy Editor

St. John Main Hospital on Moross in Detroit was in need of students to participate in an exhilarating volunteer opportunity. The hospital reached out to building principal, Pete Hedemark, on April 18 asking for students interested in medicine that are in anatomy and physiology, National Honor Society, and AP biology.  A select few students jumped at the gun for this opportunity because spaces were very limited.

Seniors, Brandi McCallum, Tyranisha Stubbs-Ashley, Curtis Mack, Audrianna Carter, Jaime Jarvis, and Chanel Cheatham were the students participating in the event.

The event took place on April 26 and started around noon with lunch provided in the training ward of the hospital. It is where residents (doctors in training) are taught in classrooms and simulated patient exam rooms.  After that, each student was assigned a scenario that they had to enact so the doctors who were training could establish a protocol and stabilize the “patient.” The point of this was so doctors who were gaining trauma centers at their hospitals could train for the ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) exam.  Each student volunteering were placed in different rooms with a resident facilitating the act for the doctors.

The volunteering was highly appreciated by the staff and nurses facilitating it. It was fun for the students to experience and quite the volunteering opportunity.

“Altogether, it was a really nice learning experience because you get to witness doctors in a fast pace environment,” Stubbs-Ashley said.