Dr. Mack’s Medical Minute: There is science all over Youtube

Curtis Mack, Copy Chief

If you are like myself, my curiosity for all things science and health are never ending. To feed my brain and grant myself satisfaction, YouTube.com has science videos galore that I love to watch. Anywhere from teaching, to exploring weird phenomenons, YouTube has it. I will cultivate a list of my personal favorite science/health related channels so perhaps, you feed your mind in your leisure time.
In no particular order, first on the list is Crash Course: Anatomy and Physiology. This 47 video series extensively teaches and explains the human body and how it works. From its easy to understand format and playful animation presented, the videos are enjoyable to watch. Along with anatomy and physiology, the channel includes psychology, physics, history, philosophy, and much more.
Next is Science Friction. You guessed it, on this channel, there is a playlist specifically dedicated to the physical science of fiction movies, mainly superhero movies. This exciting playlist brings to light interesting aspects of superhero powers that we never think twice about. One video talks about Aangs air bending in Avatar the cartoon series. It explains how it could be possible in real life. If you are a huge science fiction fan looking to learn about the science of these heroes, this is the playlist for you.
Another notable channel is ASAPscience. It is a very well known channel and pulls together videos about science phenomenons and other health related videos. It includes quirky whiteboard illustrations that will not leave you yawning. They do not necessarily take a side on a topic, but brings to light controversial questions, leaving the viewer to think and evaluate for themselves. Their short videos gives you time to continue to watch as many as you would like. Along with ASAPscience, the creators also made another channel called ASAPthought where they would put scientific theories and questions to the test with exotic hands on experiments.
Finally, there are Vsauce one, two, and three. All separate channels based on three different topics. Vsauce one is mainly about an eclectic group of science theories and questions involving the world that is being answered. Vsauce two is all about the science of various technological advances and mind blowing creations. Finally, much like Science Friction, Vsauce three is all about explaining the science about fictional worlds in TV shows, cartoons, and movies. But what sets these YouTube channels different from the others, is the fact that they really go in depth, bringing up questions that we never think twice about.
These are just a few of my notable favorite science/health related YouTube channels that would not disappoint any viewer. Be sure to check them out in your leisure time.