Student recovers after traffic accident


Amber Weller

Students following traffic rules and using a crosswalk.

Amber Weller and Isabella Bolish

On Wednesday, March 9, around 11:30 am, freshman Adrian Covert was struck by a moving vehicle near RHS. Due to his numerous injuries, Covert’s recovery will be prolonged.

“He’s doing better, also making good progress,” older sister Sabrina Covert said, when asked about his state of help.

Covert was treated for two broken legs and a fractured hip at the hospital. Due to the nature of his injuries, he will be on bed rest for six weeks and is expected to be on crutches and returned back to school within two to three weeks of being injured. Until then, a physical therapist goes to their house a few times a week to help him regain movement in his legs. During his absence a tutor helped him with school work.

“Pretty good, it’s going fast, but painful.” freshman Adrian Covert said.

While this is an unfortunate event, there is always a lesson to be learned. To follow the traffic rules and regulations to avoid an incident similar to Coverts’ for happening again. Which in the end he learned an important lesson according to his older sister, Sabrina.

Officer Tom Pfiefer reported that law enforcement is more active and more tickets are given since the accident happened.

“The whole situation was completely avoidable and it’s frustrating to see people jaywalking even after the accident,” officer Tom Pfiefer said.

As a result of the incident, officer Pfiefer’s message to the students and citizens of Roseville is to be safe, be smart, and above all use the crosswalks where there are crossing guards instead of jaywalking.