RHS will miss tech parapro

Morgan Barbet, Staff Reporter

Alicia Fresch is continuing her walk down the road of success. Also known as A.Fresch, Fresch recently spent her last day working as a technology parapro on Feb. 24. She spent her days fixing technical problems around the school and also assisting Eric Mattison, the news & broadcasting teacher, in producing the school’s video announcements. Many students, especially in the news and broadcasting class, will miss her greatly. Rachael Weldon, a news & broadcasting member, produced a video showing media students and various individuals delivering their farewells and best wishes to Fresch.

At her new job, Fresch will be working as a marketing coordinator for Lormax Stern, a shopping center development company. The company owns Macomb Mall and many other shopping centers around the U.S. Fresch looks forward to handling publications and advertisements with a new level of creativity.

When Fresch attended Roseville High School, Mattison was one of her teachers, and more recently has worked closely with Fresch as a partner in running the news and broadcasting class.

“I am going to really miss A. Fresch, however I am very excited for this next stage of her life. I think she is going to do really well and I look forward to hearing about all of her accomplishments,” Mattison said.

Thank you Alicia for everything you have done for this school, good luck in your future endeavors.