Students take part in the External Review

Courtney Hietikko and Curtis Mack

As part of their external review, group members of the AdvancED had a meeting with student members and leaders of RHS sports and academic clubs. The AdvancED team discussed if the students liked the school and if the programs fit their desires as student leaders. To add, they were asked how the class size, academic level, and teaching methods affect their education. The group was composed of an assistant principal from Davis Aerospace Technical High School, an AP English Composition teacher from Romeo High School, and a principal from Mt. Clemens Middle School.

“The meeting gave us an optimal opportunity to voice what we liked about the school. We also discussed some concerns that we hope will get fixed in the near future. It was great to know that our opinions weren’t just a shout out in the void because they genuinely related and cared,” senior Curtis Mack said.