AdvancED visits RHS for External Review

Courtney Hietikko, Copy Editor

Today, Thursday, Jan. 28,  RHS is being visited by AdvancED for an External Review Visit.

AdvancED achieves this by choosing teachers from a variety of schools in the county to come to different schools, like RHS, and observe classrooms, specifically, teaching strategies and use of technology.

“Every five years a group of outside people come to observe your school to check your self-assessment, so the school can self-assess themselves to see what they are good at, and what they need to work on.” marketing teacher Jeffrey Verkeyn explained.

These teachers who travel to schools are there to give advice to teachers based on their visual representation on what they see in the classrooms they observe. This helps teachers make sure their students are engaged and reaching learning goals.

“Its teachers from other schools like ours who are honest, and accurate,” principal Pete Hedemark said.

In addition, AdvancED focuses on their school’s administration and school board policies.

“Better today than we were yesterday; better tomorrow than we were today,” Hedemark said.