Fall favorites

Erebus haunted attraction gears up for the season.

Jason Osterman

Erebus haunted attraction gears up for the season.

Alana Carl, Copy Editor

It is officially fall. We commemorate our old friend, summer, and parade into the new season, fall.  As much as the sun warmed us this summer, it is now time for day-time savings and other fall related activities. Even though some loathe seeing school start and summer end, there are a couple good reasons to look forward to the new season.

  1. Pumpkin spice

Okay, this may be a little stereotypical, but pumpkin spice. If you ever walked into a coffee shop in fall, you have probably already smelled this heavenly creation.  It is absolutely everywhere!  Even though some people might say they hate it, I do not think they can genuinely hate the smell that now is so closely related to fall. It just smells warm and fragrant.  It can be admitted that the obsession is going just a bit too far, but is it not for good reason?


  1. Comfy Sweaters.

So, now that shorts are put away, there is now room for sweaters!  They can be cute with so many different warm colors, or they can be ugly as sin, but it doesn’t usually matter, right?  If they are  big enough, you can burrow yourself in and have a grand ol’ time.  That can be like the whole point, but if you like fashion, that is okay too. The most important thing to remember is that because earth is no longer the devil’s alcove (ahem, summer) and not yet a freezing wasteland (ahem, winter), sweater weather is made possible.


  1. Foliage

Everything is gorgeous in autumn. You can wait for the leaves to fall, making even the most inept drawer want to get in touch with their artistic side. It is really beautiful if you think about it.


  1. Halloween

Halloween is the only time of the year when it is socially acceptable to scare kids and blatantly ask for food from strangers; it’s just a time of breaking norms.  Not to mention, you can dress up like any type of creature out of a sci-fi movie, and no one even bats an eye.


  1. Fresh-baked goodies

Just picture it; a nice cool crisp day, you walk into your front door , and you smell the scent of fresh baking cookies.  Amazing, right?  For some odd reason, humans (or is it just Americans?) like to take comfort in food during cooler periods of weather. Say you eat a whole dozen of cookies, who’s going to stop you?


  1. Apple Orchards

Since it is a time where it is acceptable to have hay rides, there is much to love. What other time of the year can you ride in the back of farm equipment without being judged as a country bumpkin? You can eat an apple you just picked, and then go inside to have donuts with a side of fresh made apple cider. It is a fun autumn-related activity that seems to draw in the masses. So, there are sweaters, sweet baked goods, apple orchards festivals, Halloween, and of course, pumpkin spice; what is there not to love?