L.B.’s Williams – Cooking up plans for a big year


Courtney Hietikko

Jon Grommons is excited to introduce L.B. Williams to staff and students.

Courtney Hietikko, Copy Editor

The new school year of 2015-2016 not only introduces a new class of  frantic freshmen and the class of 2016’s  super seniors, but a new and improved L.B. Williams Room, RHS’s student-operated restaurant. L.B.’s was originally designed as a classroom for the hospitality class and is located at Roseville Middle School. This year they are stepping up their game. L.B.’s has been updated to have more restaurant quality. From white walls to dark red and sandy beige ones. Furniture has also been installed with high and low tables and chairs. Hospitality teacher and head of HEAT Club,  Jon Grommons,  explains this update to L.B.’s keeps a balance between classroom and restaurant for the students and the people of the Roseville community.

L.B.’s is also getting new blinds for the front windows to dress up the place a little more, I’m proud to have this place cleaned up,” Grommons said.

Aside from the dining area, Grommons has set up a live demo area with large rolling tables for food preparation, and a big cooler next to them to keep foods fresh. Grommons’ purpose of this demo area is to teach students how to use visuals like videos, demonstration cooking, and presentations. Grommons best relates this to a cooking show to expand the student’s skills in the culinary arts. Also, this demo area will be used to show customers their food being cooked by students.

“We can show them their food being cooked in real time rather than their food appears out of a kitchen,” Grommons said.

In the kitchen, where student prepare most of the food, Grommons explains the new use of a multifunction programmable oven.

“It’s a state of the art oven!” Grommons said.

This oven offers programmed features for different ways to cook. He says this oven is a great piece of cooking technology for his students and HEAT Club members.

Hospitality students and HEAT Club members are already meshing together preparing for the heat in March 2016 for competitions.

“It’s a lot of fun, and entertaining,“ senior hospitality student Tammia Dubose said.

“The competition is fierce, but we pull together,” senior hospitality student Alexis Mielke said.

Not only is L.B.’s upgrading their restaurant quality, but their quality of service. L.B’s goal is to expand their marketing and serving offerings.  Grommons explains it could be anyone who walks into L.B.’s to eat, but also Roseville’s big staff including the high school, both middle schools and all of Roseville’s elementary schools staff.

“A lot of the staff  does coaching, they have clubs and other commitments–so they are pressed to actually go home and make dinner–a lot of them are stopping and picking up stuff,” Grommons said.

One of Grommons’ plans of business is having customers pay weekly purchases rather than right when you get your meals or food items, to make it easier on staff.  Grommons, students, and members of the HEAT club all want to give the staff an opportunity to sit down, relax, eat and converse. L.B.’s wants to be Roseville’s Commissary. Those attending RHS and have a serious interest in culinary arts may join the HEAT Club. Anyone is able to join and volunteer to get involved in the services L.B.’s will provide for the community of Roseville.

L.B.’s will soon be serving limited breakfast in the morning, along with grab-and-goes: cookies, pies, and a variety of breakfast- like foods like muffins. Starting this October, there will be many luncheons and dinners.