RHS prepares for SAT


Isabella Bolish

Junior TyriAonna Stubbs-Ashley prepares for upcoming tests.

Isabella Bolish, Staff Reporter

Many changes are taking place at Roseville High School this year; one of the major changes includes switching from the ACT to the SAT. Unlike the ACT, which is made up of five parts, the SAT is made up of only three, which includes: critical reading, mathematics, and a required writing test.

“The SAT and Work Keys will be completely revised,” teacher and testing coordinator John Czech said. For juniors, the school will be paying for any PSAT tests on Oct. 14. However, the state will pay for the freshmen and sophomore PSATs in April.

Another change that has occurred in testing is the M-STEP. This year, M-STEP will not have a English or math section. On the other hand, there will be a science and social studies section in the M-STEP. The online testing program may also have reduced testing hours due to the omitted English and math sections.

To help get students motivated for testing Roseville teacher and testing coordinator Andrea Gabbard said, ”As last year, we will have a big prize event at the end of the year.”

For free SAT prep, visit khanacademy.org