Envirothon heads to nationals

Curtis Mack, Copy Editor

The RHS Envirothon club made it to the state championships on Wednesday, May 6. They all stayed at Fort Custer in Augusta, MI, a military base stationed by North Branch Kalamazoo River, big enough to house all the schools participating in the event, returning Friday, May 15.

The first day was treated as a preparatory day, brushing up on knowledge and facts about certain environmental subjects. The next day is where it all starts, competition day. The following morning is the day for finishing the competition and in the afternoon is the awards ceremony.

The RHS Envirothon came in first place for aquatic etymology, third in forestry, second in wild life, second in community service project, and an overall second place for the entire competition. They were all awarded a $3,000 scholarship each for their hard work, a whopping five medals, and of course, bragging rights. Not everyone can say they came in second place at states for an Envirothon competition. One of their competitors Glen Lake won the event for the third year in a row taking home six medals. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience for everyone to network and meet new people.

 “It was really fun, I would have liked to go to Missouri but we did a lot better than we ever did before. We almost got to nationals; we were a few points short from the first place team,”senior Nathan Richendollar said.