RHS seniors prep for prom

Kiara Fluker, Feature Editor

Prom is one of many exciting things about high school. Even though it can be really expensive, it is one of the most memorable events of one’s life. Prom is now days away, and some RHS seniors are ready for the big day. After prom, there is graduation, then everyone goes their separate ways in life with different destinations.

“Prom has been very, very stressful,” senior Ashley Jackson said. “I’m taking my favorite cousin with me to prom and we’re wearing light peach. Prom is something I always couldn’t wait to attend, but the closer it gets the sadder I am that my dad is not here to see his baby go off to prom and open a new chapter in my life. R.I.P.” Jackson said.

“I’m wearing red to prom, but actually finding the perfect red dress has been very stressful,” senior Lexie Griffith said. “Wearing makeup and dressing really pretty is something I’m used to, but to be doing it for prom is an even better feeling. I’m not going with anyone, but it is okay prom is not at all necessary to have a date, I can look beautiful alone, plus I have my friends. It has been a very nerve wracking, but great experience so far. I love dressing up and I cannot wait until the day arrives” Griffith said.

“Prom was the easiest thing ever” senior Andrew Paton said. “I am going with Matthew Pilotto and my tuxedo is blue.” Paton said.

“Prom has been really stressful at times, but it will all be worth it” senior Arieanna Rickle said. “My date, who is also my lovely boy friend, Jordan Richards, and I are wearing aqua to prom” Rickle said.

Other events such as: homecoming, athletic events, and pep rallies happen every year of high school, but prom is a once in a lifetime occurrence that seniors hope to remember forever.