Take steps to choose the right college

Curtis Mack, Copy Editor

College is usually the next step after high school for further education, pursuing a career, and making a living. It is the beginning of your life as an adult, but how do you know exactly what college is right for you. There are a prodigious amount of colleges to choose from all over and rather it is picking one in state or out of state, you want to choose one that you are satisfied with. With that in mind, you have to implicate several factors: population, size of the school, housing, extra circulars, sports, and many more. It depends on personal preference and the college’s criteria they want you to meet in order to be successful while attending.

The first step is trying to decide what career you would like to pursue, then that will more than likely alter what college you would like to go to. For instance, a person who is interested in drafting would more than likely want go to a vocational or a technical college. (Choosing a career does not have to be the first step, many people go to college with an undecided major.) RHS senior Madison Daniels decided to go to Wayne State University to pursue a career in interior designing. But why Wayne State?

“I chose Wayne State University because everyone told me it was a good art school and offered an interior design program,” Daniels states.

Moving on, you would then want to find out the cost of the colleges you have your eye on. It all depends on rather you want to take out loans or apply for grants, it is all a personal choice.You also want to look at what the college provides for you as well. As far as the college life on campus, the sports teams, the clubs, the class room sizes, the dorms, the size of the college, the school population, and other factors that will help you succeed and reach your full potential in college. After incorporating those factors, you may have narrowed it down to a handful to look at, the next step, applying.

Different colleges admit different people. They look for certain things in your high school record. That being sports, extracurricular activities, and sometimes things you do outside of school.  Along with that, they also look at your ACT or SAT score, GPA, and sometimes class ranking. Some colleges are a bit tough with their admittance rate and some are lenient. Colleges look at the things that make you, you; what sets you apart from everyone else and makes you different. They look at how you may contribute to their school and make a change.

Choosing the right college for you is not an easy decision, after all, it is the start of pursuing your life dream. To really experience if the college is right for you, go out and visit them and perhaps sit down with an admission advisor, it may change your perspective on the college. If things do not turn out the way you want, you could always transfer as well. The options are open and the sky is the limit for choosing the perfect college for you.