Does society define you?

Jalissa Long-Jolley, Journalism Student

There is no debate in the fact that society will always play a major role in everyone’s life.  It affects everything from our appearance and social status, to how we perceive others. Society helps us decide who we will become in our future and what is most important.


Although everyone practically lives with these ideas society places into our heads, is its impact in our lives really positive, or are we feeding our minds with poison? Are we judging people off of their hearts, or because they look and dress like that famous model everyone else adores? Society has pushed us passed the point of having respect for ourselves and others, and has fed us a scenario that we should say and do anything to become a certain way.

There is absolutely no victim. It is your choice to either fit in with society’s perfected nightmare, or live to your own standards. Instead of supporting anything or anyone who has a selfless goal and achieves it by making negative impacts, support those who make it a personal goal to make other people happy. Get away from the idea of perfection and urge to be original.

Not in any way possible is it difficult to realize society’s negative influence on our lives. In the music that we find ourselves listening to, the lyrics severely judge others and talk about different types of people, whether that being their culture or gender, as if they are complete garbage. We base fame and success not on talent and service anymore, but in looks alone. Even the models we chose to place in magazines and actors we chose to put in movies show only a small minority of what people look and dress like and anyone that does not reflect a mirror image of those people are crucially hidden from any camera.

Understand that people are starting to be more accepting to differences of people. That people are making small steps like hiring models of all sizes. Is that really enough though? We think that just because we make one exception, that we’re okay, but is that right? There’s so much more to be changed in the society, and replacing a few models is not going to cut it.

Just as it takes a single spark to start a flame, it can take one person to change a majority. We cannot choose to not live in this society, but we can in fact make the decision to not be a part of it. Instead of letting society define you, change the definition of society.