Juniors react to ACT

Callyn Young, Staff Reporter

Last week, juniors at RHS and across the country took the ACT. ACT is originally short for “American College Testing”.  The ACT is a 215 multiple-choice question test that also has a writing prompt. It takes three hours and 30 minutes to complete. Students have mixed emotions on how the test went for them and how they think they did. Some found it to be troubling, while others had no problem getting it done.

“The writing prompt threw me off because I had trouble taking a position on the prompt,” Richard Campbell said.

“I expected it to be really difficult. A lot of the teachers put it out to be a really hard test. The test over all was decent. The worst part was the math section.” Isabella Bolish said.

Juniors have spent much time preparing with teachers in core classes for the test.

“My teachers prepared me by making the format familiar which helped with pacing,” Tyler Jackson said.

Some students got extra practice while taking the college readiness class.

“I took the class to do good on the test and also to get scholarships,” Eric Beauchamp said.

“I wanted the feel of taking the test and didn’t want to feel any pressure on the actual test,” Alexis Staples said.

Students in the class said that the preparation was different than it was preparing in their core science classes. Many said that focusing on strategies in the college readiness class was especially helpful. The whole class agreed that their science scores went up and that they got the results they wanted.

“When it comes time for the game, they’re ready to play,” science and college readiness teacher Michael Zimmer said.