RHS new staff additions continue

Zack Mroz, Alana Carl, and Tylor Roberts

The newest addition to the RHS staff includes Jodi Teutsch, a math teacher, taking over Keith Penhorwood’s old room. Teutsch attended Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights, and went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Michigan, and a Masters in adult training. Before entering the halls of Roseville, Teutsch was a teacher at a few charter schools in Detroit. So far, it seems as if Teutsch is enjoying Roseville.

“It’s close to my house, I like the district from what I’ve seen of it, and I am really excited to be here,” Teutsch said.

In her free time Teutsch enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, partaking in events such as kayaking, camping, and biking. It was an easy decision for her to become a math teacher.

 “I love math, and I saw a need; I saw a lot of kids that were struggling, and I thought it was something I could do,” Teutsch said.



There is a new parapro in our midst.  You probably see him patrolling the halls or lunchroom, and recently we put words to a face.  We welcome Blake Mesyn to the RHS family.

While Mesyn did not go to our beloved RHS, he went to the local Fraser High school. For college he was a Spartan, graduating from Michigan State University.  His hobbies consist of sports and coaching, also his primary reasons for coming to Roseville High School. He coaches wrestling, and plays soccer and kick ball. Mesyn’s favorite season is summer (so we know that this current winter has been hard on him), and his favorite summer activity is going up north and camping.  His favorite movie is the most popular action, military movie, American Sniper.

Michael McWherter is a brand new member to our RHS family, or so it would seem. McWherter actually taught as a history teacher here in Roseville schools for many years, up until 2010. He has been working with the district in various positions for 17 years. Before he was re-hired as a para-pro here at RHS, McWherter was a substitute teacher in Roseville and in districts around his home. McWherter attended school at many universities, including: Ferris State and Macomb, but he ended up getting his degree from Wayne State University.

In his free time, McWherter likes to spend time with his family. He has two children, 18 and 20, both attending Western Michigan University.  McWherter enjoys working out and watching football. His favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he also enjoys watching the Detroit Lions.