Goals of the year

Amna Lodhi, Staff Reporter

Every new year, we all have accomplishments we set for ourselves to achieve. Some goals might be bigger than others. It may be daily goals, or goals that last a year or even a lifetime. Setting goals helps plan how to move on through life. Achieving goals gives that feeling of satisfaction, and makes one a stronger person. Here are some RHS student’s goals that they would like to achieve.

“I want to be a better person and be happy this year,” freshmen Samantha Potbury said.

“I am hoping to get better grades,” freshmen Lurenzo Quick said.

“My goal is to get a job this year,” junior Tyler Farley said.

“I believe a few of my goals are to get a job, win the lottery, and get good grades.” junior Shannon Riley said.

“My goals are to get good grades, a GPA that’s over 3.5, good attendance, and take driver’s training,” sophomore Miriam Logan said.

“I need to start College, get a raise at my job, and graduate with a 3.5,” senior Aubrey Schebil said.